Risks of using “cheap” SEO techniques

Risks of using “cheap” SEO techniques

When it comes to Search engine optimisation (SEO), it requires patience and investment. This is because SEO is a long-term process, it demands a good planning and implementation in the technical, on-page and off-page areas of optimisation. As it stands, not all sites are equal, so goals, conversions, starting points, opportunities, and organizational structures are some factors that determine how easy or hard it will be to reach SEO goals.

One of the main factors in SEO investment is the return of investment (ROI).. If SEO is covered by someone within the team. or part of someone’s remit in an existing role you, then there are only have soft costs. If you’re paying a consultant, agency or SEO firm, then you will have outgoing costs. Which is when some people may use, the “cheap” option that can be dangerous. Although cheap is a relative term, it will make sense what it is as we explain the risks of cheap SEO.

Negative ROI

The most critical and biggest risk to using cheap SEO options is negative ROI. Even if you are not investing a large amount of money and there doesn’t appear to be any positive impact, there may be some longer lasting negative impacts.

Having to undo risky tactics that might have gotten your website penalized or pushed into negative SEO territory, trying to regain lost time and money, are big risks of cheap SEO that fall into the negative ROI area.

Lack of strategy and plan

If you are using short-term tactics and have longer-term expectations on ROI, then it is vital to have a roadmap for SEO. It is likely that you will need to change your tactics based on the need for additional content,  and changes with search engine algorithms. However, if you decide to cut corners, costs or even time, you will risk getting short-changed when it comes to putting enough time into research, strategy development, and planning out the tactics.

Risky tactics

One thing about using cheap SEO is that often they include shortcuts to make it affordable. These include:

  • Buying links from third-party services
  • Creating large-scale, low-quality content
  • Engaging in many other tactics that might be high risk and high reward

Although it is debatable on whether it is good or bad using these kinds of tactics, there is still risks that exists. This is especially the case if you do not have experience of making a good SEO strategy.

Cookie-cutter tactics

Although you may see some positive movement with a cheap SEO provider, the chances are that your results will vary. You likely have someone using a basic strategy who is working through a checklist. SEO is much more than a checklist, so if you are getting cookie-cutter tactics, then you are lowering your reach rather than if you’re working with someone or an agency who might be a larger investment but provides a more custom, tailored approach and solution for you.

Cheap SEO is usually based on running through very basic audits or a short checklist that anyone could implement and doesn’t get deep enough to push through for more competitive markets and keywords.

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