SEO Wash-up Monday 23rd November

SEO Wash-up Monday 23rd November

Google Updates

Google ads performance planner now supports shopping campaigns – In Google ads, the performance planner tool has now been upgraded to support Shopping campaigns. The performance planner can now support Shopping campaigns and smart shopping campaigns within Google Ads.

The search giant announced this on social media platforms mentioning that the performance planner is now available for shopping campaigns. With this new update, you can plan your Shopping campaigns with ease by using Performance Planner to:

  • Adjust budget and campaign settings to evaluate their impact on performance.
  • Manage budgets across multiple accounts and campaigns.
  • Plan for upcoming seasonal periods more effectively.

Google My Business has added Health & Safety Attributes – They have added attributes where you can label if your business requires appointments, masks for both employees and customers and if your staff and customers get temperature checks. Within Google My Business, you go to your info tab and click on the ‘attributes’ there is a new section for ‘health and safety’.

  • The health and safety attributes include:
  • Appointment required
  • Mask required
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff wear masks
  • Temperature check required

Bing Updates

Microsoft advertising adds multi-image extensions – They have added a new feature for its ad platform that supports multiple images in the search ads. The new feature is called multi-image extensions and currently is available currently only to the US.

They mention that they are excited to announce the availability of Multi-Image Extensions for all their advertisers in the US, a unique opportunity that’s available only on Microsoft Advertising. With the new feature you can increase attention to your existing text ads by displaying a carousel of up to five images.

  • On desktop up to three images are shown with the option for the user to advance the carousel to see up to two additional images.
  • On mobile one image is shown with the option for the user to swipe to see up to four additional images.

With this new feature, they are also is rolling out a new user interface for all of its image extensions ad formats including single Image Extensions, Multi-Image Extensions, and Audience Ads.

Bing webmaster tools removes geo-targeting feature – Bing has now removed the geo-targeting feature in their new version of Bing Webmaster Tools. The feature was in the old version but now it seems that they did not migrate it to the new version. A spokesman from Bing has confirmed that they are not going to migrate it to the new version and told SEOs instead to use meta data in HTML or HTTP header to communicate geo-related information to Bing.

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