SEO Wash-up Monday 29th June

SEO Wash-up Monday 29th June

Google Updates

Google tests boxes with shadows for search result snippets – Google has been testing a new search results interface; an outlined search result snippets with a shadow effect. This means that the snippets that have a box around it, it look a bit raised off the web page. Although it is not clear if Google is launching this now, if it is rolling out to all searchers, or just testing it.

Google search console API stops supporting batch HTTP & JSON-RPC requests – The search giant has announced that if you are using batch HTTP and JSON-RPC requests with their search console API, then you will need to change that as soon as. Back in 2018, Google did mention that it will discontinue support for such methods and now two years later, they are finally doing it.

Google mentions on social media that as announced back in 2018, they are turning down API support for batch HTTP and JSON-RPC requests. Although Google continues to see requests for the Search Console API like that, they say that you may want to check your implementations to make sure you are not the one using these old methods.

Google search tests topic related to jobs box – There has been screenshots on social media of a new Google search user interface test that comes up with the Google Job Search feature. So if you search for job related queries and Google jobs comes up in search, then they may show you ‘topic related to jobs’ on the top right. This will then give you other job related searches to help you with your job search.

Google hotel ads: commissions & free cancellation filters – The search giant has mentioned that for hotel ads, they are now opening the commission (per stay) program for global participation for all Google Ads hotel advertisers. This means that Google Hotel Ads can now be filtered by free cancellations or not.

The commission program formerly known as Google Hotel Ads Commission Program (GHACP) is a bidding strategy for Hotel campaigns. The bidding strategy will allow partners to pay only when a guest stays at the hotel and removing any risk of cancellation for the partner. Having the commissions (per stay) will help partners leverage the power of Google’s machine learning to acquire guest stays.

The partner will set a commission rate (% of booking value) using the Commission bid strategy at the campaign level. Once this is done, then Google’s bidding algorithm calculates a maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bid intended to achieve an average commission equal to the partner’s target.

Furthermore, Google is going to be rolling out the free cancellation filter for users searching for hotels and highlight which hotel rates are refundable when users are looking to book. Moreover, they have also said they are making it easier for partners to share this information through their global partner cancellation policies.


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