SEO Wash-up Monday 20th November

SEO Wash-up Monday 20th November

Google maps makes it easier to find relevant content and destinations

As everyone is using Google maps more and more, Google regularly tries to keep updating the service. With the latest update they have changed the colours and added icons to the corresponding place or business categories. Google maps will also highlight places that it thinks is relevant to your search or query.

Below are a few of the colours that correspond to a place or business;

  • Food & drink is now orange
  • Services is lavender
  • Shopping is blue
  • Transport is light blue

Google has stated that these will be implemented in the coming week and will be reflected on all their products that incorporate Google maps including search, assistant, and Google Earth. Third parties that use Google maps will also recieve the UI changes.

New features added on Google’s job listing search tools

Google’s job listing search feature was rolled out early this year, and now they have added new features to the function so now if a new job is posted, it will have more details about the open position. The new details will show salary information, application choices and location.

When people are searching for jobs, they will see a rough estimate of pay ranges for positions based on the job titles, company posting the job and even the location of the job. There is a feature where you can limit the job searches to your desired area with the location filter.

Another feature Google has rolled out is displaying all of the websites you can apply to if a job is listed on numerous websites, and in the coming weeks they will also have a function where you can add jobs with the ‘Saved Jobs’ tab to bookmark or view at a later time.

The job listing search tool makes it easier for employers to have open positions within their company that are listed directly in search results. Since the roll out in June, there has been an increase in employers using the job listing search tool.

AdWords promotion extensions, ad variations, custom intent audiences is released by Google for testing

Adwords promotion extensions – Last year Google had started to trial promotion extensions in their text ads, and that led to them redesigning the Adwords interface this year. Google will now be releasing the Adwords languages and currencies in their newly designed Adwords interface.

Ad Variations – With Ad variations being rolled out, you can use this to test thousands of ads in a few clicks. When doing so, Google will show the results of the test once they are generated. The Ad Variations tab is located in the new UI.

Custom intent audiences – Custom intent audiences is designed to help advertisers to target users that are willing to buy the specific product or service you offer that are based on data from your campaigns and website. Below are the two types that can be used for custom intent audiences;

  • Advertisers can create their own based on topics and URLs of users who are likely to be interested in your products
  • Auto generated custom intent audience is where Google will create an audience that is based on the campaign and gather your target consumers. It will create a list for advertisers that can be found in the audience center as an auto-created audience.

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