SEO Wash-up Monday 13th September 21

SEO Wash-up Monday 13th September 21

Google Updates

Google has been testing a big carousel for “more specific searches” – Users have seen the ‘more specific searches’ feature now in two different formats, both in a normal list view and in an expandable format. Some users have spotted it as a large set of buttons in a carousel format that is multi-lined.

Google my business support hours of operation details – They now offer support options on their web site and now it may even show you the hours of operation for those support channels. So on the Google My Business support page, after you reach out and contact a support rep, it may show you the hours of operations box. You can see the support hours for each method based on current day and the next day, as well as ‘show all’ times, it shows the time zone too.

Faster Google adSense embed code – Google said that they have launched a new version of its AdSense code that improves ad performance. This could mean that it performs better with the page experience update and core web vitals metrics. They mention that the new AdSense code allows AdSense to trigger optimization features earlier which can improve the performance of the ads on your site.

The new ad code works for both Auto ads and ad units. They also mention that you do not have to update the old code to the new code. However, users are welcome to update your ad code if you want to take advantage of the new optimization features. Furthermore they mention that you avoid having a mix of old and new ad code on the same page.

Google ads three strikes and you’re out policy – The ads team has introduced a new three-strikes and you’re out policy starting in September 2021. They will issue a warning and then up to three-strikes for violations of Google’s Enabling Dishonest Behaviour, Unapproved Substances and Dangerous Products or Services policies. After the third strike, your account can be suspended.

This includes ads promoting deceptive behaviour or products such as the creation of false documents, hacking services, and spyware, as well as tobacco, drugs and weapons, among other types of content. Although the policies themselves are not new, but the three strikes approach is. They mention that these types of ads have long been prohibited, but now we are introducing increasing penalties with each strike applied.

Below is how it works:

  • Warning – In the first instance of ad content violating our Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapproved Substances and Dangerous Products or Services policies. No penalties beyond the removal of the relevant ads.
  • First strike – Second violation of the same policy for which you’ve received a warning within 90 days. The account will be placed on a temporary hold for three days, during which ads will not be eligible to run
  • Second strike – Third violation of the same policy for which you’ve received a first strike within 90 days of the first strike. The account will be placed on a temporary hold for seven days, during which ads will not be eligible to run. This will serve as the last and final notice for the advertiser to avoid account suspension
  • Third strike – Forth violation of the same policy for which you’ve received a second strike within 90 days of the second strike. Account suspension for repeat violation of our policies.

Google will email advertisers for any of these warnings and strikes. However, strikes expire after 90 days and the account is considered in good standing if there are no additional violations. Advertisers will still be able to appeal any enforcement decisions to Google.

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