SEO Wash-up Monday 15th June

SEO Wash-up Monday 15th June

Google Updates

Google tests underlining “searches related to” – It seems that they have been testing a lot of variations to the look of the ‘searches related to’ feature. Well now the search giant is testing underlining the results, and the other day, Google was testing three columns instead of two.

Google core update for May is live – Google mentions that the new Google May 2020 Core Update has been rolled out. Google have mentioned on social media that they released a broad core algorithm update, as they have been doing several times per year. They call this one the May 2020 core update.

They have also mentioned that it took about a couple of weeks to fully roll out. This Google algorithm update is big enough for Google to announce it and the last time they announced a search algorithm update was the January core update.

Google search console adds reports & tools for special announcement – The search giant has announced that they have added support for the new special announcement structured data to Google search console. By adding this support it means that the enhancement report, the Performance report and the rich results test now all support special announcement structured data.

They began supporting the special announcements schema back in April and has already added these features to search console the following month. Although this was only for government, medical, and health websites.

  • Special Announcements appearance in Performance report – Users can now filter their own performance report in search appearance to see their performance of the special announcements schema.
  • Special Announcements Enhancement report – If you have the special announcements schema on your website and Google detects it as well as processes it, then it may show you a new link in search console under Enhancements to debug this structured data.
  • Special Announcements in Rich Results Test – The rich results testing tool now supports the special announcements structured data for better and more real time debugging.

Google displays more local news in top stories carousel – Google have mentioned that they began to show more news stories in the top stories carousel from more local news sources. Google have mentioned this on social media saying that they have made a change to help local content surface better within our Top Stories box. Furthermore, they also mention that they have added a new ‘Local news’ box to show local news content in response to coronavirus-related searches.

In order for publishers to be seen, Google have said that there is nothing specific for them to do as they already review a number of signals to understand if content seems particularly relevant to a location. The change is simply to ensure we’re better balancing those signals to match local content to those searching for it.

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