SEO Wash-up Monday 17th February

SEO Wash-up Monday 17th February


Google search console notification of Chrome warnings – Google is sending out notifications to webmasters who are running TLS 1.1 or lower. The notification does not say that Google search will rank the site lower or delist the site but rather Chrome, Google’s browser will show a “not secure” warning to users if the site is running anything less than TLS 1.2.

Google my business provider – Google has rolled out a new local Google My Business initiative that is called Google my business provider. This will let other companies help verify businesses they work with within Google My Business. So it is a way to allow others to add existing verified businesses to Google My Business.

They mention that the Google My Business Provider is a program where groups or organizations handling large amounts of business data can partner with Google to help businesses claim their online presence on Google Maps and Search through Google My Business.

  • Benefits of this program – Having the Google My Business Provider, you can help local businesses have an online presence on Google Maps and search  and their business will grow through your support. If you are helping local merchants succeed through a strong online presence, this partnership with Google can help you distinguish yourself from other competitors.

If you want access to the dashboard then you go to the Google my business provider where you can get the metrics below:

  • Creator email address – The user that generated the token.
  • Expire time – The specific date the verification token expires.
  • Location – The address and other details that describe how a business would look like on Google Maps.
  • Label – The batch label given to the CSV file that the token was generated from.
  • Create time – The time a specific verification token was created.
  • Name – Unique name of the verification token.
  • Claim status – Describes whether a verification token was claimed.

Google ads target ROAS bid simulator – The search giant has rolled out a new bid simulator, which is the Target ROAS bid simulator. This shows the relationship between a ROAS target and your key metrics. The key metric it shows is your conversion value.

They explain that if you are interested in seeing how a higher target would impact your performance and using data from the auctions you participated in over the last 7 days, then this tool will show you what would have happened assuming everything else stayed the same.

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