SEO Wash-up Monday 8th June

SEO Wash-up Monday 8th June

Google Updates

Google search console adds copy feature to URLs – Google have added a small useful feature to their Google search console; the ability to quickly copy a URL listed in a report. In the past, users would have had to do tricks to copy the URL but now they can copy the whole URL listed in the row of a table within those reports.

Google also mentions that they made a little tweak to the search console by adding a ‘copy to clipboard button’ which many people have requested. Users will now see three icons when hovering over a URL: copy to clipboard, open in new tab, and inspect URL.

Google search console tracks fewer pages for reporting – Google mentions that they began tracking fewer pages for its reporting engine. They said that it is specifically for the AMP, mobile usability, speed and all rich result reports. By doing so this will help improve performance of the reporting system. In result,/ users might see a decrease in the number of items and pages tracked in these reports.

Google AdSense is removed from iOS & Android Apps – Google have been warning users for almost a year that they would be discontinuing the AdSense apps for iOS and Android. Well now, they finally have removed them and you can no longer download them from the App Store or Google Play Store. However, if you have the app on your device, it may still be working for now and if you try to download them from the app stores, you won’t be able to find them.

Google tests underlining searches related to – They have been testing a lot of variations with the look of ‘searches related to’ feature. Well now Google is testing underlining the results with three columns instead of two.

Google Ads Now Allows Some Online Pharmacies to Advertise – The search giant has updated its Google Ads policy allowing some online pharmacy services to advertise in Google Ads. Earlier this year in April 2020, they updated the US and Canada country-specifics of the Healthcare and medicines policy to allow certified telemedicine providers to promote online pharmacy services. By doing so the LegitScript certified telemedicine providers may apply for healthcare related advertising effective immediately.

In order to be an online pharmacy, you need to be accredited by the following:

LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification and Monitoring Program

    • Internet pharmacy certification – Available to websites that accept refills, transfers, or new prescriptions; or pharmacies that fill via mail-order or some other form of remote ordering service.
    • Telemedicine certification – Available to websites that offer virtual healthcare services and facilitate prescribing.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (also known as NABP)

    • VIPPS – This is available to pharmacies with full online functionality, including the sale of prescription drugs or the acceptance of new prescription drug orders through their website.
    • Pharmacy Verified Websites Program – Owners with a ‘.Pharmacy’ top-level domain are available to pharmacies with full or limited online functionality which includes sale of prescription drugs or services, acceptance of new prescription drug orders through their website, and prescription refills or transfers.

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